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The Clay Studio
24 hour access to creativity

Clay Studio Master Calendar
Check here to see if the Studio is reserved for a class or camp,
or if a community or work day is scheduled!

Pottery classes are listed below
Check out all upcoming pottery classes!


Crossings' clay studio was created to allow clay artists and potters of all levels to explore their creativity and work in a supportive environment.

The advantages of becoming a clay studio member are more than just access to equipment and workspace - you get to join a clay community where ideas, inspiration and laughter are generously shared. Above all, the most important thing is to have fun!

In the Clay Studio you'll find great natural light, and space for working in clay, whether you're working on the wheel or handbuilding.

Membership Benefits:
24 hours, 7 days a week access to a bright studio space equipped with 11 electric pottery wheels; wedging table and extruder; on-site kiln firing and access to studio glazes and studio tools; personal shelf space.

Our kiln is electric/atmospheric environment which fires to cone 6.
Clay for members costs $12 + tax for 25 pounds.

Clay bodies available at Crossings:
Buff stoneware
Midfire white
Mid range oxidation body
Mid range oxidation body with manganese
Buff stoneware/ochre

A huge variety of underglazes and cone 6 glazes are available. Special requests accommodated when possible!

Clay studio members have the opportunity to to display work for sale in our gallery and to participate in three annual sales: Art in East Park in June, Crossings' Annual Open House in November, and the Artists' Clearing House in the Spring!

A profile page on our website for interested members.

A full one year studio membership is $55 per month (students $45/month) plus a one-time refundable security deposit of $100.

If you sign up for a Clay Studio membership while taking a wheel class, you will receive $30 off your first two months of membership. Save $60!

Class Cancellation/Refund Policies


Pottery Classes
Please scroll down!
Classes are listed below
Please call 507-732-7616 to register

The Dynamic Art of Raku: Firing Outside
Saturday, September 13, 8:30am - 5pm; Sunday ALSO if enough people register.
Pricing: All Day Pass: $59. (Watch the fun & learn whether you're firing or not!)

Firing Fees: $20 (kiln space: 4 pieces, 6" high max or 2 pieces, 12" high max.)

Work can be hand-formed or wheel-thrown.

You'll be assigned a 90 minute time slot upon registration.

Pot luck lunch and snacks available all day!

If Saturday fills fast, we'll add a 2nd session on Sunday, Sept 14.

Raku clay body is available for sale $17 for 25#, including tax) at Crossings and we'll bisque fire workshop pieces for you (in advance) at no charge.

Create your own piece of ceramic art! Here's your opportunity to fire it using the dynamic and exciting Raku method.

Everyone from beginners to experts are welcome.

Raku firing is a unique process that creates results different from traditional electric or gas firing. The rapid heating and reduction (removal of oxygen through combustion) of glazes gives a wide range of results, from the black smoke staining of the clay to iridescent shimmering metallics. It is a very hands-on process, from looking in the heating kiln to check temperature progress to pulling hot artwork out of the kiln and plunging it into metal trash cans for rapid cooling.

Students will take their bisque-fired piece(s) created in advance and glaze, using raku glazes, and fire in a portable raku kiln. More experienced students can also bring pieces made independently to raku fire; stoneware and raku clays work best. Raku techniques, materials and glazing, and processes will be covered.

The firing is done outdoors using propane. Raku firing is a dynamic and exciting process where bisque-fired work that has been glazed using special raku glazes is rapidly heated to approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It is then removed from the kiln, using tongs and other metal tools, and is then placed into a trash can with combustible materials such as newspaper to achieve rapid reduction, creating unique glaze results. Each firing takes approximately 90 minutes from start to finish; 45 minutes to fire, and 45 minutes for the work to cool down in a reduction container. The kiln can be reloaded after about 30 minutes of cool down time.

Each student will have the opportunity to fire work that fits within the designated kiln space per $20 supply fee. If you have more work to fire, simply sign up for more firings. Please let us know when registering how many pieces you’d like to fire so we can calculate firing times.

Instructor Lisa Truax is an Assistant Professor of Art at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. She received her BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and her MFA in Ceramics from Michigan State University. Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in a variety of solo and group exhibitions. Lisa has been teaching ceramics and other art methods for 10 years, and enjoys teaching and bringing the experience of working with clay to students, from beginners to advanced levels.


Throwing Pots with Tracy Calmes
Sundays, 5-7:30pm - September 21 through October 26

Six sessions: $140
Materials fee: $38 (includes 25# of clay and Kemper Tool Kit. If you don't need the tools, clay is $17).
Firing fees: $3.00 per piece.
What to bring: an old towel!

Pottery with TracyDive into a six-week-long adventure with a pottery wheel!

You will get the personal one-on-one help you need to 'get your hands dirty' and move into pottery. Experienced throwers will refine the skills of centering, throwing & trimming. Beginners will learn the basics of wheel-thrown pottery and develop the skills necessary to throw a pot - and to become a clay studio member if you choose! Class sessions are flexible so as to meet everyone's scheduling needs. Can't make it one evening? Make up time is available in the Clay Studio.

Will you fall in love? We think so.
With the pottery wheel at least!

Instructor: Tracy Calmes. Tracy has enjoyed developing her ceramics skills ever since she took a class 12 years ago. She is a member of the Clay Studio at Crossings.

School Break - Let the Mud Fly!
Pottery Wheel

October 16 - 18, with an additional glazing session on October 25
1:00 - 3:30 pm
Grades 4 and up

Four sessions: $119 (additional family members $100)

What to bring: an old towel!

Pottery with TracyLooking for an artistic adventure during your school break? Try the pottery wheel!

Let the mud fly! Experience a real clay studio as you learn to wedge clay, center and form shapes on the pottery wheel, trim and finish your work with colorful glaze.


Instructor: Tracy Calmes. Tracy has enjoyed developing her ceramics skills ever since she took a class 12 years ago. She is a member of the Clay Studio at Crossings.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand entirely that life brings many surprises to us all, and sometimes people must cancel their class reservation.

We sincerely do our level best to accommodate each individual’s request when emergencies arise.

However, if cancellations occur within a week of the class start date, granting a refund frequently means we operate at a loss. Materials have already been purchased, and instructors have agreed to a set minimum compensation.

Please help us continue to offer these wonderful classes, at the most affordable costs possible, by reading and adhering to our cancellation and refund policy:

Class participants who cancel 21 or more days prior to the class start date will receive a 100% refund, and will be charged a $15 cancellation fee.

Class participants who cancel 8-20 days prior to the class start date will receive a 50% refund.

No refunds will be issued 0-7 days prior to the class start date.

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