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Oct 22 - Nov 24
Art Kenyon & Bridget Ertelt

October 22 to November 24, 2018, Crossings at Carnegie will be running a six week exhibit of works by artists Art Kenyon and Bridget Ertelt. The exhibit is located in the gallery of Crossings at Carnegie, and is open and free to the public for viewing.

In conjunction with the six-week exhibit, there will be an artist’s reception held on Friday, November 16, 2018, 6:00pm - 7:15pm.  The public will have a chance to see and purchase the art, and speak with the artists. Wine, appetizers and desserts will be served. Stay afterwards to enjoy music by Storyhill.

Art Kenyon is a long-time resident of Red Wing, Minnesota, and draws much of his inspiration from the rich surroundings and heritage of Minnesota and the local Mississippi River Valley. Kenyon received his BA degree in Studio Arts and Journalism from the University of Minnesota, where he studied under renowned midwestern printmaker Malcolm Myers. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad adding to the diversity and style of his artwork. He believes an artist must have an innate curiosity and wonder in their subject and style to effectively translate human emotion and clarity into their work. Working full-time in his private studio located at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, Kenyon enjoys the exploration of the three primary mediums of drawing, painting and printmaking and their creative influence upon each other. His paintings are developed by the use of rich brushstrokes and soft muted tones exhibited in his unique portraiture and rolling landscapes. It is this premeditated combination of styles that add to the variety and feeling in his work.

Bridget Ertelt grew up enjoying all four seasons in northern MN, a childhood rich with paper, pencils, glitter and glue. While attending Hibbing High School, Ertelt took an art class instructed by Marva Harms, who is a signature member of the prestigious American Impressionist Society and has studied with many of the modern masters. Although college saw her enter a nursing program and she continues to work as an RN, Ertelt has continued to pursue her art. Arriving in Minneapolis in 2008, she immersed herself in the local art community. She is a member of the Outdoor Painters of MN. In 2011 she began classes at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art. About this experience, Ertelt says “ It was like magic. I began taking night classes at the Atelier. Figure painting and drawing is another outlet to express my interest in people. I took four years of night classes before deciding to dive into their full time program. I am beginning my fourth year of their program this fall. I feel so fortunate that life has presented this path to me. I feel lucky to be able to spend so much of my time creating. It allows me to appreciate deeply my time on this little blue planet.”

Open to the public during business hours.