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Feb 11 - Mar 23
Diana DeMoraes and Kari Maxwell

February 11 through March 23, Crossings at Carnegie will be running a six week exhibit of works by artists Diana DeMoraes and Kari Maxwell.The exhibit is located in the gallery of Crossings at Carnegie, and is open and free to the public for viewing.  

In conjunction with the exhibit, there will be an artist’s reception held on Saturday, February 23, at 6pm. The public will have a chance to see and purchase the art, and speak with the artists. Wine, appetizers and desserts will be served. This event is free and open to the public.

Diana DeMoraes enjoys working in various mediums including, oils, acrylics, watercolor, encaustics, collage/mixed-media and pastels.  She works extensively in portraiture and figurative painting and drawing. She attended a year of art school after high school, but became antsy and escaped to italy where she spent four years and eventually  became trained in traditional painting restoration/conservation.

As a child, Diana was painfully shy and introverted with new insecurities. But she also loved drawing, painting and looking through books of classical paintings from a very young age. Art was her escape and form of self-expression. Working through her social anxiety as a young adult led to the opportunity to travel and study in Italy after finishing a year of art school in Minnesota. She has concluded that she always will be an introverted person. Diana’s  work reflects this. Her paintings portray moments of quiet reflection, whether it be through a soft sunset or an intimate embrace of a mother and child. Each piece is a little celebration of life’s beautifully quiet moments. For more information about Diana’s work, visit her website Diana DeMoraes.

Kari Maxwell is a visual artist, educator and creative coach. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she works from her home studio continuing to live by her motto of creating everyday. Maxwell is represented by galleries in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin. Encouraging and supporting the creative process for other individuals is one of her favorite things. In the spring of 2014, Maxwell founded The Create Everyday Classroom in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis where she teaches intuitive art classes for all ages (specializing in ages 3 - 9 years). For more information, visit ‚Äčor her blog titled, Create Everyday.

About this show, Kari says: “My intent with this particular body of work is to remind the viewer that although every individual is more than likely part of a group, they are most importantly, a unique individual. Perhaps these groups of animals we sometimes overlook can be seen differently. Perhaps instead of noticing herds, flocks or colonies, we’ll begin to notice individuals and all the quirks and idiosyncrasies in each being which are necessary when creating a whole.”