Watercolor Workshop with Dan Wiemer

Dan Wiemer is an award winning artist and illustrator who lives in Red Wing. He was trained as a graphic designer and has painted in watermedia most of his life. Dan is a past president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and has taught classes and workshops for more than 25 years. His direct style lends itself to plein air as well as studio work. Dan has traveled to China on an artist exchange program. There he taught western watercolor as well as learned from his eastern counterparts. He couldn’t speak the language, but he could communicate through his watercolor, and that translated well.


Good painters also are good designers, and award-winning artist and illustrator Dan Wiemer will show participants how to improve their design and composition. The class takes place at Crossings on five consecutive Wednesdays starting March 6, 6:30-9pm.

Learn concepts that allow you to find strong abstract shapes in your scenes. We will learn about the different types of contrasts and how they add drama to your painting. Composition will be explored and used to lead the viewer’s eye through a more interesting painting. Simplifying a scene can be one of the greatest challenges that face an artist; we will explore distilling a scene and become better artists through the process.

Price is $125, students bring their own supplies.


Many people already have many supplies that are fine. Bring those; you can impress your neighbors and your teacher.

I am going to list a group of very traditional colors that people should at least have in their palettes. If you have others you enjoy working with that’s fine, bring them.

Cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson (or permanent rose)

Sap green, viridian and paynes gray that I often use for value studies. You may have some wonderful new colors to show me!

It is easier for watercolor artists to have the paints already squeezed into and dried in a plastic palette.

Several tubes of acrylic paints in various colors and a small bottle of acrylic matte media.

Three or four brushes are really all I use-- a one inch square, a medium round and a smaller round rigger-like brush for small marks. (I try to keep the larger brush in my hand as long as possible during a painting) Again bring what you have. You probably already have your favorites. Synthetic brushes work just fine.

Sheets or blocks are fine, just make sure it is 100% rag (cotton) No student-grade paper for your sake and mine. Student grade paper leads to more frustration and pain than the money you save. There are many fine rag papers. I recommend 140# Arches cold pressed for things smaller than 11x15 and 300# for larger formats. (Many artists paint larger than they can handle, so bringing just 140# will be just fine.) Crossings does have some for sale, if you are in need.

Bring a pencil, sketchpad or copy paper. A pad of tracing paper, soft eraser (magicrub) or something like a white eraser. a thick sharpie marker. Clear water container. Roll of paper towels. Board or piece of masonite to tape down loose paper. Masking tape. Thinking cap (you can use masking tape to keep secure.)

Masking fluid and liquid hand soap will be needed, so bring it if you have. If not, we’ll have some here for you.

Bring some reference photos that you might be interested in exploring and some paintings that you are struggling with and would like a constructive critique. (We all learn from each other, including the teacher)

We all have different setup areas when we paint, bring whatever makes you work comfortably.

If you have any questions about supplies or the workshop or class don’t hesitate to call or email me 651-388-8047 Thanks - Dan Wiemer


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