Mosaic Madness with with Wouterina "Riana" DeRaad

A little more about Riana: "I like for my statues to provoke imagination, to look naive and old, as though they have been here for many years. Beauty, function and longevity are my main objectives. Most statues have a welded steel frame and two layers of a metal mesh for strength, followed by one or two layers of concrete. To make the mosaics, pottery shards, glass, pebbles and various other objects are applied with a tile adhesive. Most pieces are finished with a grout."

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Learn the basic skills of Mosaic Tiling, materials and patterning in this 2-day workshop with award-winning folk artist Wouterina "Riana" DeRaad. You'll learn techniques in this workshop that are not taught in any other schools or books!

Students will learn how to cut and break glass and ceramic tile, what materials and adhesives to use for our subzero climate, and different mosaic patterning techniques. There will be a grouting demonstration, discussions on cement formulas, how to use pigments and ways to texture a cement surface!

You can mosaic your own mailbox, garden planter, bench, cookie jar.... just about anything that holds still ... with the skills you'll learn in this class.

Materials list: an object to tile, such as a clay pot, vase, cookie jar, birdbath, or your sculpture from the concrete workshop! Please bring some TESSERAE (tile objects such as broken dishes, pebbles, buttons, mirrors, beads, shells, and the like), rubber/cloth gloves, old towels and rags.
A few pointers from Riana:

  • Bring non porous materials to tile with if your project will reside outside all year around
  • Please break your tile (tessarae) before coming to the workshop. An easy way to do this is fold an old towel several times, lay your tile /dish glazed side facing down in between the folds, and break it with a hammer. (Kind of fun!) Don't forget to wear safety glasses.
  • We will be using a cement-based tile adhesive, so please don't bring metal or painted wood to tile on.

Since 1988 Wouterina has created more than 40 figures that make up a sculpture garden at her home in Beldenville, WI. Wouterina's award-winning sculpture gardens have been featured on “Rebecca’s Garden” and “The Wisconsin Gardener” on Wisconsin Public Television, and in numerous publications including Midwest Living, Minnesota Monthly, Wisconsin Trails Magazine, Country Gardens, Minnesota Horticulturist, and the Folk Art Messenger.








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