Plein Aire Workshop with Robert Hagberg and Carol Lundeen

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This workshop is an opportunity to learn from two wonderful, award winning plein aire artists.  Robert focuses exclusively on the landscape, while Carol can help you incorporate wildlife into your work.

What are the factors to consider when plein aire painting? What are best practices through the painting process? What is your concept, what is the focal point, why are you painting this subject?

The workshop will be formatted around those questions, but the emphasis will be on YOU. As we guide you through two days of how you can take your work to a new level, our focus will be on your goals, whether you want to paint for your personal pleasure or to make a splash in the art world.

The first day of the workshop will begin with three short oil painting plein aire exercises to get everyone started, followed by a longer plein aire painting. After a lunch break we will do a short demo to show you the way to begin a plein aire study, followed by a second opportunity for you to plein aire paint. During the plein aire sessions we will be circulating among you to assist in any way we can, but also to find out what you hope to achieve from the workshop and what your goals are as an artist.

Day two will start with a short critique period of the previous day’s work, another demo and a second plein aire painting time for you.  One of our goals will be to complete at least two or three paintings on this day. In case of poor weather we will take either a plein aire study or photograph and develop it into a more finished studio piece. This painting can be from any plein aire study you have done or photo you would like to use as a reference. Whether painting outdoors or in the studio, we will be working with you individually to understand the nature of your subject...such as the effects of atmosphere or the color shifts in water, as well as techniques you can use to refine your painting. Painting, like everything else one wishes to do well, requires practice and patience. A large part of this workshop is to provide you with exercises that you can take home and practice that will enhance and develop new skills and accelerate your learning.  

We look forward to lots of discussion, lots of learning and lots of fun.

Robert sees the world as an ever-changing canvas. With a camera at an early age, Robert saw more than photos, so he picked up a paintbrush. He was encouraged to pursue liberal arts followed by a Masters degree. After careers in mental health, and film  and video production, in 1992, Robert made the decision to pursue painting full time. In 1998, Robert took his first of several oil painting workshops. He has studied with Jim Wilcox, Wm. Scott Jennings, Scott Christensen, Michael Albrechtsen, Kathryn Stats and Ray Roberts.

Robert has been accepted and honored in dozens of national shows, earned signature status with Oil Painters of America and in 2013, he was selected to represent Acadia National Park in the publication “Art of the National Parks, Historic Perspectives, Contemporary Interpretations”. Currently his work is on a year long tour of six museums with the American Society of Marine Artists. Robert believes that pushing the boundaries of artistic comfort is essential for growth as an artist.

Carol Lundeen is a wildlife / landscape oil artist from Dassel, MN. She has been studying in the representational style of painting for the last 7 years under the mentorship of Robert Hagberg, a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America and nationally known landscape artist from Buffalo, MN.

Carol is a Signature member of the American Plains Artists and a member of Oil Painters of America. Visit her website at to view her work and for more information.






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