Paint Your House: An Architectural Portrait Class
with Kat Corrigan

You've invested a lot of time and money into the place you call home, so join Kat Corrigan in this one-day class and paint a portrait of your house. You will learn about acrylic paint, color mixing, transferring an image by grid or transfer paper,and a lot more! Starting with graphite on black panels, you'll first create an image and then you'll learn how to mix colors to approximate those on your house.In preparation for this class, take some good photos of your house from a flattering angle.


Kat paints brilliantly in acrylic on black-gessoed panels and canvas, allowing some of the black to show through as this contrasts against the brightness of the colors in a way that is visually thrilling. Her work is expressionistic, in a realistic manner. Her influences include John Singer Sargent, Egon Shiele, Alice Neel, Vincent VanGogh, Emily Carr, and Tom Thomson to name just a few.

Beginning in the summer of 2010, Kat committed herself to a painting-a-day series she called “30 Dogs in 30 Days.” This project has proven to be highly popular and has gained a wider audience for her work. The concept is simple: assemble a number of dogs’ photos selected from the owners or taken by Kat herself, make a list including the date of the dog to be painted and the dog’s name, and post each painting on a blog daily. This commitment has been a great way for Kat to focus on her style and technique, as well as a way to develop the skill to make quick decisions in composition and color use. She has given demonstrations in public and is happy to explain her philosophy and style to onlookers. This project has been published in a series of books, available on Kat’s Blurb bookstore.

In 2014, Kat’s work was featured in the book “1000 Dog Portraits” curated by Robynne Raye, and in the book “How to Be A Feminist Artist” by E Erickson and P Olson. Her “Otters Underwater” series was on exhibtion at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth from Sept 2104- Jan 2015, and she recently had a Solo Show at the Bloomington Art Center of her dog paintings titled “Dog Days of Summer”. Kat teaches Painting Lessons from her South Minneapolis studio where she promotes the idea of Daily Painting and coaches her students on become dedicated painters themselves.

By the Monday b/4 class students should email a picture of pet they plan to paint to: class@crossingsatcarnegie

All other supplies will be provided.






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